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As a certified Mental Health Coach, my goal is to support your specific wellness goals. Together, we will identify limitations and obstacles in order to come up with a personalized plan designed just for you.


My Path and My Work

Elaine Brewer is a 15yr military spouse. Her husband is a 20yr veteran of the Navy Special Operations community. After experiencing so much trauma and loss within her husband’s military unit, she started her own journey of self-care and healing from decades of anxiety, depression, stress, toxic habits, and panic attacks. She has been studying the mental health and wellness field with various holistic methods since 2018. Elaine now works with clients to guide them toward restorative practices, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, autonomic regulation, and compassionate recovery. 

Please take the next step and reserve a 30min (Free) Discovery Call with me to start a journey towards transcendence. Whether you are on a path toward self-development or working with Entheogenic plant medicine, a coach can exponentially elevate your outcomes and experience.

Elaine holds certification in the following areas: 


*The Science of Well-Being from Yale University Online

*Specialization in Integrative Health and Medicine from the University of Minnesota 

*200hr Yoga Teacher Training 

*Warriors at Ease Level 1 & 2

*Gabor Maté Compassionate Inquiry Master Class: A powerful approach for healing anxiety, addictions, ADHD 

*Psychedelics in Modern Healing 

*Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory with Stephen Porges, Ph.D.: Trauma, Attachment, Self-Regulation & Emotions 

*Certified End of Life Doula 

*Being True to You: Addiction and Integration Coach 


 Degree in Psychology from Colorado Christian University.


Our Services



Elaine Brewer

Certified Integration Coach


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